The Ten Best Skype Recorder on Windows

Skype is famously known for online communication that provides instant text messages and both Audio and Video calls which is mainly a good way to stay in touch with relatives and friends no matter the distance. Unfortunately, Skype does not have the ability to record Skype calls and so the third-party developers like Talkhelper that brings up recording software’s to help you record your video chats, online interviews, personal conversations and conferences on windows to be played back in the future in case you want to memorize.

How to record Skype conversations on Windows

Below we take a look at our 10 best Recorder and you’ll need to test them out for yourself in order to see the results.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

TalkHelper call recorder

Install this TalkHelper Call Recorder on your PC and enable the app to access your calls in order to initiate your recording. It is perfect software for recording both audio and video calls as well as stores your audio calls in MP3 or WAV format.

Pamela for Skype

pamela for skype

Today’s error, who would want to record Skype calls and not always have documentation of their chat? Recording Skype calls is easier than you think when you use this software. Pamela gives you the opportunity to capture calls also, play audio files during a call.  Besides recording calls, the software can also allow users to transfer a call to a specific contact or group.

MP3 Skype Recorder


Have you been looking for a free Skype recorded app that has got a simple approach to use? MP3 Recorder is the answer you have been searching for… This software records both Audio and Video automatically in OGG or MP3 format and is compatible with windows.



Vodburner recorder is an easy to install software with great features. It lets users’ record Audio and Video Skype calls on the computer as it produces high quality. You are likely to restart your Skype a couple of times after installing Vodburner.  The app also allows users to cut and convert the Recording in case of unnecessary sections in your recordings.


Supertintin Skype video recorder

supertintin skype

Supertintin is known for its High quality, recording both Audio and Video streams. All a user needs to do is to initiate a call and it would perfectly record your calls by capturing original media data, this software will also save your Skype calls to your computers HD.



PrettyMay’s control panel is straightforward and simple. With the ability to record audio calls automatically or start and stop recording where you like. It works on Windows and it is great for personal use. Share music during your Skype call and be confident that all the recordings are stored in convenient MP3 format.

CallNote for Skype

Before you’re able to record any calls with CallNote, you need to configure the software first. The app plugs directly into Skype providing different plat forms e.g. Face book and Viber etc to share your recordings with friends.

iFree Skype Recorder

Have you thought to yourself that there must be a free version out there somewhere? Then you had better discover iFree Recorded Plugin.

All your calls will be recorded automatically with no limits and when you will hang up the call, the recording will end and saved in the specified directory.

Amolto Call Recorder

Amolto Call Recorder software for windows seamlessly gives you recording controls in the software. It comes with an automatic recording in high quality, audio or video files and saves the audio files in a user specified folder. However, you can still change the settings to record manually in case you are not ready to record your calls. Record your interviews and private calls with AthTek tool.

CallGraph Recorder

Once the CallGraph application is installed on your PC, it will ask permission to access and use Skype, you must Click Allow Access to allow the tool to communicate with Skype in order to proceed with recording your calls. The interface is simple, with all the required recording options available in front. It is aimed for professional recordings of calls. As it will automatically begin to record Skype calls in MP3 format as soon as you start the call.

Top considerations when choosing a automatic Skype records app.

The above discussed programs show a brief description on how you can record your Skype calls using the third-party software’s without hassle. In addition, we have researched on how to choose the right tool and below we are going to show you what you need to put into consideration when getting one.

When choosing a records addon, you need to decide what is important to you most. The type of tool that you get will very much depend on what you are looking to achieve.

Determining your needs

 You need to think about your main uses for a Skype recorded software. Users usually use auto recorded app for different reasons. However, the major use falls into one of the following categories. Keep these in mind when you are looking at records tools;

  • Support Audio & Video calls:  In most cases when you record a call be it personal or interview, you want to capture audio, video and instant messaging for future use. That is why it is vital to have a recorded app that supports both audio and video calls.
  • Record calls automatically: When your recording has been processed, you can always access it to play or send to others.
  • Share recordings in MP3 or MP4: Primarily using Skype recorder that can access your recordings and send or share them with others. Such as face book and Notebook etc.
  • Create cool mood short notes – Having a recorder that enables you to add short notes or memos is such a cool thing, it means you can add any wording to your recorded call and make it more memorable.

Know the Pros and Cons

 Skype is the most widely-used app, which is great for communication, but it’s not without  recorder software. Keep the pros and cons in mind when thinking about installing a recorder.

  • A Skype call recorder should be easy to install, simple interface and light weight. This is one of the boosters that would give you a go ahead with any recorder and should be virus free to ensure your PC is safe.
  • You should be able to share music during a Skype call with a good recorder.
  • While there are more and more recorder software options on Windows, there are still some with poor quality sound, so a good recorder has to feature a Super High quality sound of recording.


Do NOT find yourself in a fix trying to remember what exactly you discussed in your interview or that important meeting with these tools at your service. Instead of taking short notes during your Skype calls, you’ll be able to focus on the conversation this time, knowing that you’ve got a backup should you ever need it.